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Rexford residence was originally built in 1940's as a 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom 2,938 square feet Tudor Style house located in the heart of City of Beverly Hills. Although the house has it's own characteristics, the owner prefers to replace the existing with a style in his own taste. The idea was to incorporate classic architectural touches and magnitude, yet not to overwhelm the neighborhood .  

ArcSTEM team along with the client selected a Italian Renaissance Revival Architecture to meet the design guideline requirements of City of Beverly Hills. Having a particular style in mind, our client's request was to maximize the use of the land, yet design a house that would be to his taste.

The new residence is 2 story 4,190 square feet 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom,  large living room and dining area, family room, office, breakfast room. In addition, there is a 2,095 square feet basement with large storage, laundry area, and a game room. 

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