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ArcSTEM Inc is a Los Angeles-based design firm specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. ArcSTEM Inc, is ambitious and energetic architectural design studio, that responds to client’s requests with creativity and knowledge that is implied into the designs.

ArcSTEM Inc is a place where we explore these ideas in an environment that we analyze conditions, constrains, and opportunities. It is a specific space for creativity. It is within this space that our team and likeminded colleagues converge in the process of making architecture, producing models, drawings, and visualizations to explain concepts and convey our ideas to our clients. 

Our passion for contemporary design is refined by our experience in building conservation and a respect for the local environment. The practice's body of work is broad, working across a range of sectors at varying scales, yet each project seeks to connect the historic, cultural, spatial, and material qualities of a place with the intent to complement and reinforce the specific conditions of their setting.

Every project's context and brief are unique, offering an opportunity for exploration and critical investigation, one where we constantly look to challenge ourselves and what is required by our clients. This is done through a process of constant evaluation, research, conversations and most importantly listening. It is this process that we find to be both challenging and rewarding.


Founder CEO


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